The Emperor strikes back

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Just a small bog dog scent hound
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11 Responses to The Emperor strikes back

  1. Adam Gallon says:

    Ah,all is revealed Mr Beagle, you’re actually an Ogre player! Let’s see you work Rhinox Cavalry in somewhere!

  2. Amanda says:

    Great exploding watermelons, Batman! You’d think that if Napolyhuhn is big-cheese enough to wear a bicorne he could at least smile for the camera!

  3. Amanda says:

    P. S. Fen: I love the ‘medal’ he’s wearing! :^)

  4. meltemian says:

    Westminster’s going to be as cold as Moscow next winter then?

  5. Could the yellow eyes signify a nasty debilitating ailment. There is hope yet then!

  6. adrianS says:

    I wish we could exile Huhnapart to an island and keep him there. Portsmouth would be nice

  7. cat_in_the_hat says:

    The retreat? Would that be his house in the country, perhaps?

  8. AdrianS says:

    A nice prison cell for conspiracy to pevert the course of justice, would be a nice retreat for him

  9. ephraingadsby says:

    Love it FB want the piccie on a T shirt.

  10. bwaggie says:

    ooooh court case soon woopieeeeeeee

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