Leaning against the wind

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4 Responses to Leaning against the wind

  1. Brilliant stuff! A post for the Mid Wales wind farm warriors. Don’t forget to sign our petition to Repeal the Climate Change Act http://www.gopetition.com/petition/43914.html

    • AdrianS says:

      All signed and sent— but tweedle dum and tweedle dee wont give a huhne—it will be business as usual.
      But at least we are protesting in a non violent manner

  2. View from the Solent says:

    Our green and unpleasant land.

  3. Morningstar says:

    One has to wonder whether they have considered the possibility that once installed – these windmills may drive our country crashing into France ? Thus we can get easy access to cheap French Nuclear power ! Just by plugging into their national grid and flicking the switch 🙂

    Maybe this is the unseen plan from the Huhne ! Cunning or what !

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