Pixie Dust

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Just a small bog dog scent hound
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9 Responses to Pixie Dust

  1. Amanda says:

    Fen, I love it ALL! Several new things I haven’t seen, love seeing you with the laser sort or anti-Hoo-stick or whatever it’s called (may the Force be with you!). The cartoons look even better here (perhaps because they’re larger and easier to see in detail?) than on other websites. What a feast of good-humoured anti-nonsense.

  2. Amanda says:

    P. S. Fen: Your ‘About’ section next to ‘Home’ in the banner still hasn’t been personalized. Of course, you could just put ‘None of your business!’ but right now it’s got the WordPress blather there.

  3. Melvin bwag says:

    hey brilliant as always.. woof woof keep up your doggied protest…

  4. Amanda says:

    Hi Fen: Take your time, mate: I know that making a blog from scratch is hard work and you’ve done a brilliant job already.

    Silly typo above: ‘sort’ is supposed to be ‘sword’. Makes more sense now, don’t it?

    Cheers, A.

  5. Ozboy says:

    A ballerina with hairy armpits?

    It’ll all end in tears 😉

  6. Mack says:

    Keep at it Fen,its brilliant stuff.

  7. adrianS says:

    Green Investment Bank— jobs for he upper crust boyz. Ordinary people F off!
    Nice one Fen

  8. Norfolk Dumpling says:

    Something for EcoLooney Hooney to work on with the BBC Pension Fund (IIGCC) – well, at least that could take his beady eyes off his own personalised “green” crusade against us.
    Forgot, he’s a millionaire already. Typical privileged bwanker.
    Do these green banks have to pay tax? Or is it a case of “carbon-free”, so “tax-free”?
    Who is intended to profit from these “green” investment banks except the likes of millionaires Georgie Porgie and Camoron’s father-in-law and EcoLooney Hooney and Leggo Cleggo’s missus and ………… I’m not jealous just democratically disgusted.

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