She swallowed the dog to catch the cat….Fancy that to swallow a cat

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7 Responses to She swallowed the dog to catch the cat….Fancy that to swallow a cat

  1. meltemian says:

    As some day it may happen
    That a victim must be found
    I’ve got a little list
    I’ve got a little list
    Of society offenders
    Who might well be Raj’ and Al (insert alternative choice?)
    And who never would be missed
    They never would be missed.

  2. meltemian says:

    ….on further thought I think ‘Hoo-Bah’ has a nice ring to it.

  3. adrianS says:

    My favourite— the Cat & Beagle dancing the Huhne Pipe.
    Once the lights start going out perhaps some of our politicians will start dancing the Huhne pipe. Imagine modern middle class leftwing families squaking when the lights go out and “Josie cant use her laptop becuase it doesnt have enough battery life till the power comes back on etc”— it will be such a crisis
    And squawk they will, the BBC will be hand wringing so hard you’ll almost feel sorry for the luvvies.
    Being born in 1958 I remember house without central heating, where the net curtains stuck to the windows with ice till after lunch, going out to the coal bunker to get some more coal for dad to put on the fire. Back then due to industrial action we had the 3 day week , with long power cuts every other week day evening sat around the dining table for 4 hours at a time with just candle light.
    Buts its all to come and will be a big shock for many

  4. meltemian says:

    “Ah yes – I remember it well”
    Born in 1945 myself, old victorian house, coal fires, frost on inside of windows etc.
    We kept our coal in the cellar so we didn’t have to go outside, but it was cold and spooky down there!

  5. Ice on the windows, frozen pipes, three sweaters and four pairs of socks. What’s so strange about that. I got a gizmo from Scottish Hydro that tells you how much electricity you use and has a low temperature warning that beeps so that you can turn the heating up. Hasn’t stopped bleeping since it arrived!
    Highland Castle Dweller.

  6. Norfolk Dumpling says:

    I like you Guys (and Dolls, perhaps?). Just my sentiments having been born in 1945 and still, somehow, surviving.
    Fenbeagle, I do wish some of your illustrative talent could fall on me, even now!
    I spent a career lifetime as a qualified engineer having to endure the follies of political technical illiteracy and banking betting greed. (How did Ecolooney Hooney get to where he is?)
    Can you remember the snowfalls of 1947? I remember being forced to walk to the local shops with my mother (half mile) to buy something to make for my father’s lunch when he came home from work (its called “hand to mouth”), and all I could see was snow at twice my height and remember frozen fingers, toes and nose. My Gran’s toilet was a “bottom-of-the-garden’ thing! So reading a book was out of the question!
    P.S. Is Monbot scuttling the ship – I can’t see him on deck. Or is he having a “Jeckell and Hyde” moment?

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