Box clever….. a cubist revival

Box clever JPEG

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14 Responses to Box clever….. a cubist revival

  1. Reblogged this on windfarmaction and commented:
    Something to excite the chuckle knuckle

  2. Kevin Lohse says:

    Blimey! You need “O” levels to follow this! Excellent commentary and deliciously accurate cartooning as usual. Thank you.

  3. Annie says:

    Great piece Fenbeagle.

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  5. meltemian says:

    Well ‘beam me up’ Fen, love it.

  6. OUTSTANDING ! ! !

    You might add that the 3 cubic miles of oil, coal and gas when used in combustion produce at least twice as much water vapor as CO2. The CO2 produced has one atom of Carbon from the Earth and two atoms of Oxygen already in the air. Therefore the GHG claim is that the human 3% of atmospheric CO2, which is 0.012% of the atmosphere controls Earth’s planet means….

    ONE cubic mile of human CO2 controls the temperature of 99.98% of the atmosphere….
    AND it controls the temperature of 310 million cubic miles of ocean with an average temperature of 4C….AND it controls the temperature of 259 billion cubic miles of mostly molten rock with an average temperature of 2500C.

    Human Carbon Dioxide is a MAGIC gas indeed ! ! !

  7. BTW….human CO2 can also override the influence of the Sun which has 99% of the mass, and 99.9% of the energy of our solar system….MAGIC GAS beyond limits ! ! !

  8. Another tour de force, Fen! Shame most of the politicos and greens won’t really understand it, but then, if they did, we wouldn’t be in this fix in the first place…

  9. Colin Megson says:

    I picked up on the Navitus Bay rejection and started punching the numbers to get a comparison with Hinkley Point C.

    This was my first blog post, comparing cost of electricity, site size, ‘green’ jobs and homes powered:

    My next thought lead to comparing the impact of offshore wind farms putting out the same amount of electricity in a year as Hinkley Point C. I ended up with the wind farm sites being as wide as the the Hinkley site – 0.82 km – but 1600 km long!!!

    From Land’s End, along the South Coast, all the way up the East Coast of England and Scotland and along the top past Orkney!!!

    I did my amateurish best with an image, which is pretty pathetic – and I thought of what your skittish mind and magnificent artistic talents might do with it. IMHO it’s a pretty simple but powerful image and I wonder if you would consider ‘doing a number’ on it? Because I want to by start getting this ‘visual contrast’ in front of the PM, then Amber Rudd and then – to infinity and – etc. – :

    • I’ll take a look at it Colin. Can’t promise though, as I’m really struggling to find time at my own expense.

      • Colin Megson says:

        Thanks Fen.

        In your own time – please use the data as you see fit.

        Am carrying on with the figures and will do another blog post showing wind farms equivalent to Hinkley (putting out the same number of [intermittent] TWh for 60 years) would cost £72bn, as opposed to the £24.5bn the renewables idiots rant about (and that’s not including new back-up plant and inefficient stand -by plant).

        I’ll let you have the link soon.

  10. catweazle666 says:

    Just sh!t hot, Fen!

    Keep it up, dog!

  11. realist10 says:

    the beagle says grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr great!!!!
    & runs of panting to sniff out more tall sometimes rarely oscillating machines…
    ah that better the doggie chuckles to himself..
    if the beagle could rule the world there would be doggie bickies a plenty

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