Bongo Dog Do-Do Banned

Bongo Dog revised

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17 Responses to Bongo Dog Do-Do Banned

  1. Ozboy says:

    Awesome, as usual!

  2. Many a true thing said in Jest! At least something brings a smile to our face!

  3. persephone25 says:

    Hi fenbeagle
    Enjoyed the space programme blog. Would love to see Cessminster and Shitehall (not mine, I’m afraid, borrowed from another disillusioned soul) blasted into space! I usually post on the DT but I seem to have been blackballed the day after I included a link to the report that Syrian rebels may have caused the deaths in Ghouta by mishandling chemical weapons supplied by Saudi Arabia. Since then, everything I’ve posted has been INSTANTLY deleted (with the exception of one innocuous post that Big Bro must have missed) – so I guess I’m in the doghouse (no offence intended). Still reading the blogs, and the rest of the DT, but rather frustrated I can’t comment, especially as I live in the Netherlands and can often provide a Dutch perspective – Dutch news reports are generally NOT persuaded that Assad was responsible for the attack, the Dutch government is launching a pilot programme in an as yet to be designated city which will require EU migrants to learn Dutch within 5 years and provide their own accommodation, and plans are afoot to compell Dutch employers to pay a levy if they employ said migrants for less than the going rate for Dutch workers – expect fireworks with the EU Commission bastards unless palms are greased or threatening photos produced behind the scenes …
    Keep on keeping on

    • Then you seemed to have been banned for ‘wot I done too, I’m curiouse about that story also……. Hopefully you are not banned. I guess there’s a lot that needs to ‘boldly go’ at the moment.

    • roobarb says:

      Not trying to derail the thread, but the Syrian story sounds horribly plausible. It will be a bit of a bugger if it turns out to be true after the cruise missiles have been launched…

      • Yes. On account of us being horribly wrong. And horribly guilty, as well as a bit confused about who our enamies are. Having the technology to destroy worlds does not make people any better at thinking. Although not having the technology probably does.

    • Billy Liar says:


  4. Reblogged this on windfarmaction and commented:
    Perhaps Parliament will drift off into the North Sea and as the wind drops and night falls will simply sink without trace. preferably while they are holding a late night session on energy by candle light!

  5. meltemian says:

    Well I’ve found one of them……
    Urban Spaceman

  6. alexjc38 says:

    Fine work, as usual, fen! Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Lack of Enterprise… 🙂

  7. cornwallwindwatch says:

    Reblogged this on Cornwall Wind Watch and commented:
    Mental! Thanks from the wild west.

  8. Amanda says:

    Fen: You are just too funny and insightful. The ConDems sounds positively rude: it’s a double double entendre. But the thought of strapped Britain engaging in such idiocies — that’s dismaying.

  9. Colin Megson says:

    As prismsuk, I comment on many of the articles which attract your witty, barbed comments. It’s the first time I’ve visited your blog and I’m astounded by the quality of your work – particularly the graphics.

    I blog on ‘PRISMs to Power the UK’, but having used the term ‘idiocy of renewables’ in several comments, I decided, only today, to start a new blog ‘IdiocyOfRenewables’ – – to gather bad-news stories on renewables and collect a host of links to data, reports, articles, etc., that dish the dirt on the vast expense and implausibility of the ‘renewables solution’.

    I am in awe of the brilliance of your graphics and think the ‘Idiocy of Renewables’ would be a wonderful title for one of them. If such a graphic were to emerge, perhaps this poor old retired engineer, living in fuel-poverty, would be allowed to use it in his feeble attempts to get to a better world for my children and grandchildren, before I fall off my perch??

  10. The ‘Idiocy of Renewables’ sounds like a heading I can hardly refuse. 🙂 I’ll get to it asap. Which is not particularly rapid I’m afraid, but I’ll do my best.

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