Mayday 7

2015 Mayday 7 JPEG

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Just a small bog dog scent hound
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17 Responses to Mayday 7

  1. colliemum says:


  2. herptile says:

    Briliant, as usual !

  3. xplod says:

    Like it!

  4. zipinkent says:

    Amazing, Fen. I like the 2001:A Space Odyssey tribute.

  5. AlecM says:

    Not bog dog scent, Heaven sent!

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  7. Annie says:

    Good one Fenbeagle.

  8. Dave Broad says:

    Well there is a useful summary/electoral guide.

  9. Athelstan. says:

    Not so sure if the hominid extra sub species, the furry one holding the bone have yet reached that far up the evolutionary scale.

    Sorry Fen, even Darwin would have known – the red scum they haven’t ‘progressed’ past the nematoid stage yet.

  10. copywriter says:

    As above… excellent 🙂

  11. tallbloke says:

    Great cartoon Fen. Lets hope the ray of sunshine burns away the dark clouds.

  12. thojak says:

    A real nice one Fen! Go UKIP go! 🙂

  13. EternalOptimist says:

    I can’t do that Dave

    Hal, come on. just a little coalition

  14. WhiskeyGiro says:

    Ready Eddy lmfao, that’s fantastic fen.

  15. tgmccoy says:

    Enjoying this from dryest NE Oregon. Wife and I have close connections to Britain/Scotland.
    Family, mainly, so we follow your politics. Not a fan of SNP, but , Labour getting the boot…
    Love it when pollsters are wrong…

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