Nursery Times

Nursery Times

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Just a small bog dog scent hound
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6 Responses to Nursery Times

  1. itzman says:

    tsk tsk.

  2. Kitler says:

    Excellent work as usual, as an aside did you know Terry Pratchett in his Long Earth novels named a species of intelligent dogs after you he called them “Beagles”.

    • Terry Pratchett has long been a secret agent working alongside Beagles in the fight back against human absurdity.

      • On the contrary, Terry Pratchett is a diehard Green. His support for CAGW is evident in all his more serious works, cf The Science of Discworld series. All the more disturbing because he is recognised as a serious citizen scientist who has an enormous world-wide following amongst young readers. I’m a great fan of Pratchett but, as far too often, the idol has feet of clay.

      • I’ve obviously been reading his less serious contributions. Where he takes his lead from Gaspode for example. I can see a connection though with Greens and the science of a flat Earth.

  3. Bernard from Bucks says:

    Excellent work. Love it,,,,,,,,but I hope that wasn’t an EU shirt Douglas was wearing?

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