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9 Responses to Recycled intention

  1. alexjc38 says:

    I love your pencil sketches of human and horse-powered transport! Just a thought – horse manure emitting dangerous climate-changing methane, the really eco-tastic transport would be fleets of human-powered rickshaws and palanquins carrying important people like Ed Davey and Caroline Lucas to and from their meetings – lots of lovely green jobs for the masses, out in the fresh air!

    • Kangaroos are more methane friendly.

      Ed Davey and Caroline Lucas would be the last people to get involved though.

      The advantage of using people is the amount of green jobs it would create. In fact it would achieve this better than any other scheme currently under consideration, so ticks more boxes. The move towards organic farming is also a move towards greater people involvement. Britain has a very large population for its size, growing steadily with immigration. People power is in fact the logical conclusion to the greens opposition to industrialisation and the ‘unnatural’ polution that it creates, the natural polution from people would be no greater than would be the case if people weren’t being fully utalised.

      …..There may be some objection however and so green as a form of politics would have to support the idea of slavery, as well as self sacrifice and a move away from modern comforts and benefits, longer lives etc. This would I suppose be the logical destination when travelling down the road that’s paved with good intentions.

      Or we could say to hell with it, and wait for nuclear fusion, it’s not as if there is any shortage of fossil fuels in the mean time.

  2. Amanda says:

    Wow. ‘Global Fooling’: I love it! I see that Trolley Boy makes an appearance. And I love any cartoon with Big (and Getting Bigger) Al Gore in it.

  3. Rod says:

    Great stuff as always Fen….keep up the good wark!

  4. Christina says:

    Hi Fen, lovely blog by the way. Christina (dpwwo) here

  5. bassetedge says:

    Hi Fen

    Follow-up link to try to correct earlier problem

  6. Zeke says:

    I love the hippy driving the shopping cart with wind and solar attached. Wow, she does not even have a re-usable sustainable canvas shopping bag. Committed. (:

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