Huhne pleads guilty

Huhne pleads guilty

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7 Responses to Huhne pleads guilty

  1. CrazyParrot says:

    Excellent, Fen.

    Time for a schadenfreude frenzy, methinks. I shall be popping a bottle of bubbly tonight (bet I won’t be the only one either) 🙂

  2. Roger C says:

    Brilliant Fen (as usual). He’s probably in for a spell of knowing what it’s like to be in a “wife’s” shoes for a change.

  3. Made I larf, that did!

  4. AdrianS says:

    As always, beautifully drawn Fen, and its nice to see for once he got his just rewards, maybe at last some pay back for the green crap he has landed us with!. I know you have for a while been featuring Huhne with illustrations of Gatso camera, but I thought he would get away with it, not least because a fair proportion of our legal system doesnt bat for the common man , but rather for its own self serving purposes, special interest groups and the left wing elite.
    Cheers Fen— I’m sinking a bottle of Duval for you and at last a common sense victory

  5. JabbaTheCat says:

    Might I suggest the addition of a bar of soap with a string through it under the bench?

  6. grumpydenier says:

    I’ve added you to my blogroll under its own heading.

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