The Habit

The Habit revise 2

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Just a small bog dog scent hound
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25 Responses to The Habit

  1. Oh. Fen Beagle! Formerly charged or formally charged???

  2. hro001 says:

    Fabulous, Fen 🙂

  3. orkneylad says:

    love it 😀

  4. tallbloke says:

    Best yet Fen.

    Hickery hockery Hooo!
    The elephant sneezed Pachoo!
    The Gnomes of Norwich
    Cried Hoo ate my porridge?
    And all ended up eating smog styoo

  5. Ozboy says:

    You’re the Caravaggio of caricature.

  6. meltemian says:

    Fen’ you just keep getting better!!
    Gollum, Gollum…….

  7. Otters says:

    HA HA! Just too good to stay on a blog Fen. You have to put them into print. It would be an absolute best seller

  8. Mary Young says:

    Absolutely great, Fenbeagle!

  9. ColdOldMan says:

    Such fun. Now this is, what I call, satire.
    Are these images pier-revued?
    (I don’t know if it’s too late but there is a typo needs looking at.)
    Mr Pedant strikes again.

  10. Christina (DPWWO) says:

    Excellent stuff you regal beagle you.

  11. jdseanjd says:

    Got to publish in book form Fenbeagle.
    You’ve got a beaut bestseller.

  12. Gail Combs says:

    Love it! Too bad the Groiniad doesn’t put this up on their front page!

  13. Willis Eschenbach says:

    Dude! You are THE MAN! That was stunning!

    How can we lose, when one side laughs about the madness of it all and the other side grumbles and files lawsuits?

    Well done, that man.


  14. alexjc38 says:

    Excellent work as ever, Fenbeagle, you help to brighten the dullest of winter weekends.

    “The mere fleeting glimpses of treasure which they had caught as they went along had rekindled all the fire of their dwarvish hearts; and when the heart of a dwarf, even the most respectable, is wakened by gold and by jewels, he grows suddenly bold, and he may become fierce.”
    – J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit, Ch. 13

    Yeo Ho Ho, indeed !!

  15. canuckdriver says:

    Wonderful! Simply wonderful!

  16. tgmccoy says:

    Great satire, being a Toilken fan. loved it…

  17. michael hart says:

    Totally righteous, dude.

  18. Keitho says:

    Thanks Fen, lovely jubbly.

  19. g1lgam3sh says:

    Just…sublime…I am so envious…again.

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