Bohemian Subsidy

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Just a small bog dog scent hound
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34 Responses to Bohemian Subsidy

  1. grumpydenier says:

    Nice one comme d’habitude.

  2. Josh says:

    Another winning cartoon-opera from the dawg! Brilliant 😉

  3. pedestrianblogger says:

    Superb as ever, Fen.

  4. Roger Callow says:

    Well done Chris.
    A truly Mercurial piece of work!

  5. Lyndsey says:

    Brilliant. Thank you!

  6. nigel deacon says:

    mr. fenbeagle – ‘habitat21’ here … i’ve been following your activity on blogs with interest, but didn’t realise you could do anything like this. what a find!

  7. tallbloke says:

    Beagle power!
    The wind blows free in Carmarthen tonight
    Well done Fen

  8. Martin Clark says:

    Brilliant !!
    Love the dog. Our 9 month old pup already knows more about climate than some “climate scientists” I can name …

  9. catweazle666 says:

    Brilliant Fen, just bloody brilliant!

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  11. jdseanjd says:

    Quality. Love it. Encore. 🙂

  12. Sandy_S says:

    Excellent work Fenbeagle, briiliant

  13. otters says:

    Brilliant Fen – This should really be on the front cover of every national newspaper!

  14. Tom Harley says:

    Reblogged this on pindanpost and commented:
    Check out Fenbeagles great artwork. Disturbingly good. Accurate too.

  15. Jimmy Haigh says:

    Superb artwork.

  16. Dung says:

    I have only just discovered you through a plug at BH, I’ll be back!

  17. Scooper says:

    Same as Dung. First visit via BH and love it!

  18. Joe Public says:

    Well that’s cheered me up for the weekend, thanks FB

  19. alexjc38 says:

    Galileo, Figaro – Magnifico!
    Love the little touches – the origami from Blade Runner. And are those duelling banjos, from a very different kind of movie?
    Great work as always, Fen!

  20. bwanamakubwa says:

    And that’s why we call you Mr. Fahrenheit!!

  21. bwanamakubwa says:

    Big Brother Obamanation projected on the building made me laugh!

  22. tgmccoy says:

    Good job Fenbeagle! As we in NE Oregon are victims of Vestas Excess. I warms my heart to
    see them go down slowly but going down. Now if all the Turbine manufacturers go under,
    where are you going to get spare parts?
    Like trying to get parts for a Hillman Minx in the USA…

  23. orcadiana says:

    Great piece and excellent artwork. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  24. Peter Bettis says:

    Artwork brilliant as always. The latest news suggests it’s all been in vain 😦

  25. JabbaTheCat says:

    Excellent stuff as ususal FB, keep ’em coming…

  26. Happy Christmas Fen and a really good New Year…..10 billion thanks for the mention

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