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16 Responses to Ting-a-ling!

  1. Don says:

    Great stuff, but I think you have greatly understated the excess deaths:

    “Most dramatically, the UK has a higher
    rate of ‘excess winter deaths’ than other
    countries with colder climates (Section
    3.3). While the number in England and
    Wales has fallen from around 40,000
    per year in the 1970s to around 27,000
    per year in the last decade, this is
    comparable to more than ten times
    the number of transport-related deaths
    in 2009”

  2. Christina says:

    The latest figures show that last winter (2010-11) there were almost 22,000 additional deaths among people over the age of 65 in England and Wales.


  3. Peter Messenger says:

    Nice one Fen.

  4. Ozboy says:

    Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect half a million quid, per turbine, per year.

  5. Lyndsey says:

    Brilliant Fen! A word of advice to anti wind farm campaigners everywhere…delay, delay, delay – tie the developers in knots – it’s not that hard to do because they are sloppy and inefficient – a bit like their wind farms!

  6. renewabilly says:

    Beautifully articulated. More power to your brush, electronic or otherwise.

  7. catweazle666 says:

    Good one Fen.

    Keep it up!

  8. OzJuggler (today channelling Rob Zombie) says:

    Yeah I am the climate change man,
    I burn industry down with a skeleton hand.
    Say, I am the electric Red.
    A cannibal corp
    the blogosphere said.
    Yeah, do not victimize,
    It’s all to save the planet,
    they hypothesize.
    Into a proletariat war,
    I tear your soul apart,
    and I tax it some more.

    More Huhne-man than human.
    More Huhne-man than human.
    More Huhne-man than human.
    More Huhne-man than human.

    (run with it)

  9. colin powis says:

    So this is where you hang out beagle …well , you’re a witty little fellow

    Some friendly advice ..you should do a cartoon on the theme of windturbines as martians in H G Wells ”war of the worlds ” …invasion by the diabolical windturbines that litter up and terrorise the landscape and FINALLY , the death of the martians as the preditary turbines slowly keel over and die , poisoned by an earthly bacteria called ” common sense ”…try listening to the album ”war of the worlds ” to cunjure up evocative thoughts and imagination like the haunting sound of justin haywoods ”forever autumn ” and the equally evocative ” the chances of anything coming from mars ”…hell , you could even have Delingpole drawn in as the hero

  10. colin powis says:

    Beagle…here’s your chance to do your magna opus …the crucifiction of the arch heretic JD
    Just imagine the gothic horror of a torchlit pagan sacrifice as JD is hoisted up onto the rotors of their sacred turbines to the chants of ”thou shalt not suffer a heretic to live ” …haha ..like something from the 70’s cult classic , the ”whickerman ”…then Del can have his ”life of brian moment ” ….go beagle …you CAN DO IT

    • What a strange idea Colin. With you being so publicly against wind arrays, you would take issue with JD, who shares your concerns? Some might think you were a bit confussed on this topic?

  11. Byron says:

    Hi fenbeagle ,they`re almost making it too easy for You to mock them , with a subject that , whilst not dear to doggie hearts , is certainly dear to other doggie parts .
    A $45,000 grant to develop a biogas generation system to run on Dog poo , nevermind that more energy would likely be spent collecting the poo and driving it to the biogas generator than would actually be produced from it

  12. Byron says:

    P.S. brilliant cartoons , keep up the good work

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