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Just a small bog dog scent hound
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5 Responses to Watermelons

  1. meltemian says:

    Fen’, I’m getting worried about you. Two champagne glasses and wearing co-respondent shoes! Who is she?

  2. Vindfant says:


    As ever I am in awe of your talent.

    One thought (please don’t take this as criticism) – much of your work is an in-joke which is only comprehensible to the converted.

    As I am sure you know, there is a huge need for hard-hitting graphics which can be readily understood by Joe Public.

    We all know that humour is a very effective weapon and you have the keys to the armoury!

    Would you consider using your graphic skills to produce some simple, single frame or small strip, ‘key message’ graphics that could be used by campaign groups in fliers, websites etc. etc? Your ‘Great Britain’ parody is a good example of the sort of thing I mean.

    You know the key areas – size, landscape impacts, noise, subsidy costs, failure to produce during high pressure weather systems, etc. etc.

    I suspect many of us would even be willing to pay a small licence fee for such materials!

    • I am struggling a bit Vindfant. There are many things that I could do, but I could use some sponsorship or some such. As things stand, I may be forced to cut down on output soon, not increase it. This blog is convenient, but I am aware that it is mostly viewed by people with some understanding of the subject, so I don’t pull the punches with endless explanations. It’s perhaps the case that I need help from others to decide ‘how’ to proceed ……(Or not)….. But my time is becoming less available for free.

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