The Green Treens

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56 Responses to The Green Treens

  1. Roger C says:

    Most “comical” as well as amusing!

  2. Old Goat says:

    Very good, Fen, as is to be expected.

  3. Brilliant as always, Fen….lolololol…great stuff.

  4. Josh says:

    Ha ha! So flipping brilliant – what a lovely page!

  5. g1lgam3sh says:

    Brilliant Fen, how I wish I could do that πŸ™‚

  6. delboy36 says:

    Excellent as always.

  7. James P says:

    A tour-de-force – you even got the typefaces right!

  8. orkneylad says:

    awesome fen, just awesome. πŸ™‚

  9. Zeke says:

    NASA release: “Then, out of the blue, Europe got clobbered: Over the past two weeks, temperatures in Eastern Europe have nose-dived to -30 degrees Celsius (-22 degrees Fahrenheit). Blizzards and the bone-chilling cold have resulted in the deaths of over 550 people so far, with rooftop-high snow drifts trapping tens of thousands of villagers in their homes and cutting off access to entire towns. It has even snowed as far south as North Africa….
    With “the AO Index going negative,” as an expert or weather-nerd might put it, cold air escapes from that whirlpool and heads southward, resulting in the killing extremes now plaguing the other half of the planet.”

    Europeans cannot get 85% of their energy from worthless intermittant renewables by 2050. It is a suicide compact. If Andrea Rossi’s Energy Catalyzer powers individual homes, the dream of an international smart grid in Europe, along with all of the Styron smart meters that are expected to be installed on homes to count carbon molecules, will be rendered void and nil.

  10. tallbloke says:

    Frackin’ Fentastic!

    Bonzer Beezer Beatin’ Brilliance!

  11. alexjc38 says:

    Nice one, Fen! Quite a bit of nostalgia here, especially the “chances of anything coming from jars” bit, referencing Jeff Wayne. I like it!

  12. TG McCoy says:

    Very good Fen! (BTW I’ve been partial to Bealges and Hounds in general for my
    Childhood days..)

  13. John Shade says:

    When it comes to the long slow task of clearing up the mess the CO2 alarmists have made of children’s minds, these cartoons will have a role to play in helping take some of the sting out of it. A simple portrayal of the earth under attack by evil Green Treens, and how they were seen off after many years of suffering and setback, will help a lot. In the meantime, they give old groans like me a good laugh. Cheers to Fenbeagle!

  14. catweazle666 says:

    Nice one Fen!

    Perhaps your best yet.

  15. herptile says:

    Brilliant as ever Fen !

  16. Ozboy says:

    I’m speechless. Who needs Superman and Captain America?

  17. Morningstar says:

    Excellent Fen ! your best yet !

    ‘the chances of anything coming from jars’ – is a classic (no pun intended)

  18. Gixxerboy says:

    Fantastic stuff, you’re a legend Fenbeagle!

  19. Freeran Geegs says:

    Absolutely BRILL. I never thought to see the Eagle again and in a new format too. I wonder if we shall see a return of Biggles too. Over and out. FG.

  20. Freeran Geegs says:

    Er, must apologise Fenbeagle. Got carried away in nostalgia. Age plays funny tricks on those of a certain age. Usually before computerised Propaganda Boxes and soft ice cream..

  21. Foxie says:

    Fen β€” one day your work will be viewed with the same awe as that of Hogarth… you are truly the artist of the people!

  22. oppugner says:

    Brilliant as ever Fen.
    Just one observation, not a criticism, persuading not persuiding.

  23. Great stuff but, there are no “telegraph” poles in that picture!

  24. bravo22c says:

    Exccellent, Fen, and a very nice tribute.

  25. g1lgam3sh says:

    Fen, to echo oppugner it’s ‘dependent’ not ‘dependant’

    Stunningly good anyway, it’s on my personal FB page and has had 17 shares so far πŸ™‚

  26. TUB says:

    Friggin A!

    Glad you got Rossi in there πŸ˜‰

  27. Owen Morgan says:

    I didn’t think you could get any better, but this is just fantastic. I laughed out loud

  28. vigilantfish says:

    Wow! How do you do this? I am in complete awe…and this one was absolutely your best yet! I hope my barks of laughter didn’t awaken my slumbering family.

  29. hunter says:

    Amazing. Simply amazing.

  30. Longbow says:

    Brillian, just Brilliant

  31. meltemian says:

    Definitely your best yet Fen’ I laughed out loud.
    Just one thing – why do you lot only pay fourpence-halfpenny and I have to fork out €20??

  32. kim2ooo says:

    I enjoyed this. Thank you!

  33. meltemian says:

    Wow Fen’ You’ve gone nationwide, you’re in the Telegraph.

  34. Came here via Delingpole and really loved this!
    Any chance we could make a video of it with your permission?

  35. AdrianS says:

    Can we have a big online party if Huhnatic is found guilty?

  36. izen says:

    Hi Fen
    LOVE the Dan Dare stuff! ‘Dogby’!! Priceless! -grin-

    Don’t know if you have seen this about another side effect of wind turbines –

    Basically the turbulence from the blades increases the evaporation rate in the area of a ‘farm’ of turbines.
    Not as much as trees would, but perhaps apart from the pumps thats one way the windmills in Holland dried out all those Dutch polders….

    I would not put too much hope in Rossi.
    There always seems to be at least one of these schemes around of the –
    ‘Use this miraculous device and fill your car with water!’ variety.
    They are either financial scams, attracting investment with no reality of ever working.
    Or they are very costly and energy intensive ways of inefficiently converting oil into a less convenient energy store.
    Like the fuel cell.
    Given the total lack of independent verification, unsubstantiated claims of ‘success’ and the hint of an ‘investment opportunity’ I suspect the former….

    More from the golden age of British comic art please!
    Do you remember this?

    • Thanks for that Izen. (Time will tell on Rossi) …..He’s entertaining either way. πŸ™‚

      • Michael Hart says:

        “The chances of anything coming from jars…” πŸ™‚ Pure poetry for those of us who remember when the Jeff Wayne “musical” came out.

        Rossi. Well…. I think he’s got some very big credibility hurdles to surmount. Reading the letters page at Wired magazine [such as maryyugo Nov 6th 2011] suggests that he is failing these credibility hurdles.

      • Of course the thing about Rossi & Cold Fusion, surely the point is that he is working using “kitchen sink” apparatus, and with minimal funding, yet the “Econ” and the “Green Treens” have vast amounts of public funds to dole out, as indeed they do.

        Billions of Pounds/Dollars/Euros & etc have been doled out to fatuous “green” schemes, and yet very little has really been achieved, except to double or triple energy costs, and consequently increase unemployment.

        If Rossi, and indeed others researching into Thorium reactors, and other alternative power systems, such as fuels from microbes and so on, had been given the same levels of funding as the so called “green” lobby, then who knows what might have been achieved.

  37. Joe Public says:


    Hopefully, it’ll go viral.

  38. same as the ”Watermelons” Martians are green people, from the red planet… look what they did to their own planet – no birds or children singing… they are imposing same rule to the earthlings… their green colour is washing off, only blood red is below… lets impose carbon tax, to rebuild the Berlin Wall again, to make them happy…?

  39. Great ! Loved especially the cartoon image of the “ECON”, alias Herman Achille Van Rompuy. Of course the “Achille’s Heel” of the whole EU Green Fabrication is the man himself. The unelected Dictator, who is paid more than USA President Obama.

    I liked the play on words using E & CO2, most ingenious. I see that UKIPWEBMASTER might make a “video” incorporating this work. It would be great if some audio from Nigel Farage, Godfrey Bloom, and others critical of the “ECON” and his minions could be used in conjuction with the pictures. Maybe this “Comic” could be made into a serial, or even a Flash Animation.

    Children will love the imagery.
    It will help explain this CO2 nonsense to young minds,
    whatever the age of the brain that those minds occupy.

  40. Michael Snow says:

    Love it. It’s just too bad that cold fusion was included which antagonists can easily dismiss as science fiction. That can do nothing but discredit this artistic effort.

    • You don’t think there’s any possibility I was spoofing it, a bit?

      …I cut some copy, this was part of the original….’changes nickel into copper, Water into wine, and Italians into sea captains.’

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  42. Big Bert says:

    Brilliant as usual. Print it and send it to the occupants at No.10.
    Please continue to spread the word To reduce the subsidy for wind farms.

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