The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

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Just a small bog dog scent hound
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11 Responses to The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

  1. Mack says:

    Another masterpiece from the Master !

  2. We are not wortheeeee! Wonderful work as always, Fen.

    Fenbeagle, the last graphic artist in commercial illustration who understands colour.

  3. Amanda says:

    Love it, especially the visuals you think up to depict, e.g. the Oscar floating in the floodwater, and Al’s antique diving suit.

  4. Don says:

    Great stuff, as ever, Fen.

    PS If you, or anyone else, wishes to exercise their satiric/cartoon skills, the Northumberland Gazette is inviting contributions:

    “WITH the Lion House turbines again at a standstill and no repair in sight, we’re asking Gazette readers to come up with novel uses for the structures.

    “Our photographer, Jane Coltman, has got the ball rolling with a few ideas such as fixing giant flowers to the rotors to advertise the town’s Spring Show or Northumbria in Bloom, or adding a giant sandcastle to the base to promote our wonderful coast.

    “If you can come up with a humorous photo montage or drawing of things to do with a static turbine, send them to and we’ll publish the best ones.”
    ( 14, Jan. 2012.

  5. colliemum says:

    Dear fenbeagle!

    I’m lost for words of praise, and hope your little dinghi will take you safely to the celebrating poley bears, who will of course welcome you with open paws and will definitely not regard you as hors d’oevre, seing that there are so many watermelons they can feast on.

    (I hope that wasn’t too bloodthirsty!)

  6. Splish splash time, and a shake it all off.
    Loved your flotation melons from other climes- and your other little clevernesses.

    Funny really, I found some fossilised sea urchins 600 ft above sea level a few months ago- in a field not far away from me – the sort of thing a spaniel may overlook but not a beagle!

  7. Fenbeagle, commissar All is making a pin cushion, with your name on it. He can doo magic. Proof is that: he got Nobel Price for lying; that is a new category. Keep up the great work! Happy new year, to you and all to all the visitors to your blog! Laughter prolongs life.

  8. Erica. says:

    Hello to all. Can I once again plug petition 22704 to reduce the subsidy for wind farms? Simply Google it and vote and then please send it round to friends and family. Thanks.

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