Don’t Shill for Shally

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11 Responses to Don’t Shill for Shally

  1. Chilli says:

    Nice job Fen. Great visualisations. If possible it would also be cool to see a visual comparison of a gas-fired power station vs the number of wind turbines needed to produce an equivalent average output.

    Turbines required = 800MW power station output x 80% uptime / 3.6MW per windmill x 30% avg output = 592 windmills!!

    That’s a heck of alot of huge bird blenders: a 24 x 25 array. That’s over 12x the size of the Gunfleet Sands array. ( Not forgetting you still need the 800MW power station to provide backup for the days when the wind doesn’t blow!! )

    I don’t think the public realise quite how weak wind farms are. Most people think Gunfleet = powerstation.

    I was amazed at the small footprint of gas power stations. eg. Coryton. Not much bigger than a warehouse you might find on any industrial estate. OK – so you need a few of shale wells to keep it supplied, or an LNG terminal. But still tiny compared to the ‘equivalent’ windfarm.

  2. hro001 says:

    WOW!! I think you’ve outdone yourself on this one, Fen! Brilliant!

  3. jabbathecat says:

    Splendid as usual FB.

    However, if I may be permitted, the paw print signature is missing… ;0))

  4. Billy Liar says:


  5. Roy UK says:

    Absolutely Brilliant! Thank you Fenbeagle.

  6. Grumpy Old Man says:

    This should win some sort of award. You have captured the mood of quiet desperation that fills me every time I read of the latest iniquity perpetrated on the British public by the Eco-loons. An outstanding piece of satire.

  7. Ozboy says:

    Fen, you missed your calling in life. You should have been a geologist 😉

    Brilliant, as always.

  8. peter_dtm says:

    Brilliant !

    but – isn’t the driver of the rocket sled the wrong Huhne

    • hi Peter
      The Flash Gordan rocket car is indeed huhne….The bottom illustration is simular in apearance to the ‘Mekon’ from Dan Dare. Frank Hampons brilliant creation. Although is of course president of the EU, and lifetime emperor.

  9. Fen, regarding your beloved wind turbines; you can learn a lot, in the colony. Australian farmers have small propellers for pumping water out of the ground. They are very smart – they have a tail – to direct the propellers against the wind all the time.

    If the wind changes direction by 10⁰ degrees, your big propellers are completely useless. I know that you Poms have being always suffering from: ‘’my is bigger than yours’’ , but in this case is the technique that matters, not the size. When the propellers are small = much less fatigue / stress factor – the Australian intelligent ones, cost peanuts. Also they follow and utilize the wind. (yes, they are very noisy, but don’t tell anybody)

    Don’t take me wrong; we don’t use the intelligent design for producing electricity; those, the dumb / big ones, we import for big bucks from Denmark. We have plenty of those also; because we are leaders in environmental lunacy… we are even proud of it…?

  10. Norfolk Dumpling says:

    Fenbeagle, thanks for this tremendous link from the Telegraph article penned by EcoLooney Hooney as a direct copy of His Master’s Voice in DECC. I’m surprised Charlatan Hendry didn’t muscle in on the choir at the same time!
    Gentlemen, many thanks for a riotous 10 minutes – I love you all for your knowledge and humour.
    It is extremely difficult to keep a smile on your face when we have technically illiterate dick-heads like Miliprattle, EcoLooney and Charlatan destroying the world we have worked for for 45 years to leave in safe hands for future generations.
    Fenbeagle – I have been on your site before; why not send your cartoons to Andrea Leadsom and Chris Heaton-Harris as they are quite prominent in fighting our anti-wind power station
    cause. Perhaps they may anonymously post the cartoons in Westminster!
    Stefanthedestroyer: Waubra says it all, doesn’t it.

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