We will ROC you

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26 Responses to We will ROC you

  1. Great one Fen…..The Farce is certainly with the Cameroon and his manservant Huhne the Loon.

  2. Amanda says:

    Fen: Fantastically entertaining yet altogether serious-minded. Typical you, in fact.

  3. MyLeftPenguin says:

    Great artwork Fen.

  4. Dr. Dave says:

    Nicely done, Fen!

  5. I wish that the author knew the difference between “who’s” (= “who is”) and “whose”, the possessive.


  6. Ozboy says:

    It all comes ‘o them “gatherers and sharers”, I reckon. They does more gathering than sharing, and we never sees most ‘o the stuff again.

  7. RottweilerFOMR says:

    Superb as always.
    Nitpick though. I before E except after C (mostly)

  8. Kitler says:

    Good work as always Fen.

  9. hro001 says:

    Wonderful, Fen … love your sometimes dark – but always enlightening – humour!

  10. orkneylad says:

    Fen – Top drawer mate!

  11. meltemian says:

    Your Best Yet!
    Love it.

  12. Matt Ridley says:

    Fantastic! says Ridley (son of Ridley)

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  14. billothewisp says:

    I’m always in awe of your work – absolutely fantastic

  15. Quote from the Emperor:
    “Wind turbines do make noise, but it is worth putting this in context. The indicative maximum noise level of a wind farm at 350m (1150ft) is usually roughly comparable to the sound of leaves rustling in a gentle breeze (in the region of 35-45dB) This is a much lower level than is made by road traffic on a country road, for example. A car travelling at 40mph at a distance of 100m (330ft) will create around 55dB.” A good example of cut and paste if ever I saw one and there are two pages of similar tripe. What planet does this moron live on? Full text available on my blog under Turbine Tales.

    • The Davis family who live locally, but in rented accomodation, as they cannot now sleep in the house they own (930 meters from the nearest turbines). Always seem very genuine to me. We await the result of the high court case second hearing (in November, I believe?)
      …But speaking for myself, I walk around a nearby wind subsidy farm regularly, and the sound effects vary a great deal. They sometimes make no noise at all (mainly because there is no wind to move them, on those occassions). But they often make unpleasant sound, which can be heard at various distances, depending on wind strength and direction. Out to considerably further distances than 350m. And never drowned out by rustling leaves.
      The country road analergy is not relevant, as the roads around this arera, have very few vehicle movements. And then only for the time it takes for a car to travel by. Unlike the wind follies, which keep going day and night, if wind allows. (Night time sounds worse.)

  16. Andrew McRae says:

    I appreciated that the queen of green hearts keeps the hockey stick nearby.
    Probably to beat away the sceptical, should her governmental astroturfers fail in guard duty.

    Not shown: the electoral invigilators who check you are voting for her before stamping your ballot as “valid”. Yes, it happened in Australia on Wednesday.

    Remember remember
    the 12th of October
    and the Treason of the Carbon Tax plot.
    It was only by Unreason
    that the carbon tax Treason
    could ever have been begot.

  17. alexjc38 says:

    Great work, as always, Fenbeagle! Keith Farnish (“rid the world of Industrial Civilization”) is a new one to me, an interesting character, who, intriguingly, still appears to be using industrial products himself, unless it is possible to hand-craft computers out of things like driftwood and carrot peelings.

  18. jabbathecat says:

    Splendid as usual FB…

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