Putting the Grate back in Britain

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9 Responses to Putting the Grate back in Britain

  1. Windbyte says:

    Good stuff, Fen.

    Have taken the liberty of posting on our website (with usual attribution and link).

  2. I have one of those pylon things right outside my house. As Chris Huhne is so keen on inflicting them on so much of the rural UK, perhaps he would like mine. Only too pleased to sell to any philanthropic person who would like to give him one(!). Buyer collects! Perhaps as the Government is so sure that the populace should embrace them with enthusiasm, I should put it on Ebay. Do you think Scottish Hydro would miss one?

  3. Wonderful stuff, as ever, Fen.

  4. Josh says:

    Ouch… great stuff, Fen

  5. Amanda says:

    Fenbeagle: I love the way you gave the Queen of Green a watermelon bodice. What a clever lad you are.

  6. thegreatwindcon says:

    Excellent image of what more and more of the UK will look like – unless of course its in Chris Huhnes constituency. The ultimate NIMBY and hypocrite. Zero windfarms in the whole of Hampshire never mind his area. I guess there’s no wind down there…. Plenty of hot air though.

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