Hey girl…What’s going down, down, down?

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16 Responses to Hey girl…What’s going down, down, down?

  1. cat_in_the_hat says:

    Yes indeed, Fen, excellent work. A nice bit of satire; funny and yet depressing at the same time.

    An amusing snapshot of British royalty and the inept prime ministers of Oz and the UK. I particularly like the screen grabs from WoodForTrees.org, underlining the pointless, wasteful absurdity of the current ‘green’ boondoggle, and the excerpt from the Sunday Times outlining the plight of the dogs is truly horrifying.

    Well done, sir.

  2. Amanda says:

    About the animal cruelty — is this Britain? The land of dog-love and post-Neanderthal decency? Are my eyes reading this right???

  3. orkneylad says:

    Great work Fen! 🙂

  4. Josh says:

    Fen, you put so much in! Brilliant, and lovely portraits too.

  5. farmerbraun says:

    Farmer Braun is very upset by the treatment being visited on the beagles.

  6. farmerbraun says:

    It certainly helps to take a buddhist/cyclical view of these things when the hard calls must be made. Nevertheless, there is always some state of acceptance that must be reached when one has to “send away” older cows who have delivered faithfully for ten years or more without complaint.
    Still, that is the utility of philosophy/religion , isn’t it; comfort?

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  8. When the wind-tower hits the sh*t; don’t go to the beagles’ farm. They will make you look funny without testicles (friendly advice)

  9. Fenbeagle, one of your previous pictures I put as part of the header on my new website. Take it as the biggest compliment. Don’t start winging for royalty. Australia is not a democracy any more = winging not allowed. Discussion is settled! I am asking you to visit http://globalwarmingdenier.wordpress.com give it your blessing. Make few good comments, because is a good blog.
    P.s. you are too cruel to Chuck, he will be our new King Arthur at the green table. If you are a good boy, his Excellency might share his lentils with you. Is Camilla a good cook? I have sooo many questions, before we become a republic. Pomgolia might become Australian colony; if Julia turns Australia into a Banana Republique. Read my blog and recommend it to your visitors; so we can remove Julia’s Fig Leaf of.

  10. Testing on animals is no longer needed . Killing animals like this is barbaric and this is from a guy who has killed many farm animals and birds.

  11. Products needed for human benefit – should be experimented only on human. Because human can say: enough, that hearths too much / can write to a politicians to complain. Products needed for animal’s benefit…? Do they ask for that benefit? In the past, when animal is very sick – is put down. Now for feel good, people are resuscitating animals run over on the road – especially wild animals. They think, they will be eaten by the vet, not helped. Dead under extra stress is only for feel good for the do-gooder.
    Another comment about our future king; his middle name is Arthur, I’m his best fen and defender. Born same year as me, 48 was a good year!!! Fenbeagle, you should be his Merlin, advisor: very fashionable to have green King Arthur; but if his caviar turns green – he shouldn’t munch it. Talking to the plants is very smart…? But if the plants start talking back to him – Camilla should take him immediately home! He can fax / text message / spam to all the plants in England from his Camelot. When he talks to the plants; he shouldn’t use four letter words, unless the tree is over 18y old.

  12. AdrianS says:

    Thats really bad treating Beagles like that!. I used to have Bassett Hounds which have a similar temprement to Beagles, ie stubborn , hunting dogs, but very social dogs. It seems strange that if a member of the public left a dog in a shed all the time ( no walks no interaction) the RSPCA would be involved. Cosmetics and drugs should be tested on humans not animals. After testing why can there be some attempt at re homing the dogs?. Clubbing dogs or cats to death is a nasty way to kill them, and open to sick sadist abuse— if you really wanted to kill them than quickly and cheaply and 38 bullet in the head would be much kinder
    Full support to you Fen

  13. Bonnie Prince Charlie has found a neighbour’s wind turbine a bit close for comfort at his Castle of Mey. Not sure where he stands on Crown Estate seabed but he has a history on not supporting onshore wind. Come on Fen, form the Beagle Defence League – Teach them to bite back! I farm and hate needless slaughter. As a farmer I have to take a pragmatic view. Cows breed to put meat on the table. If we all went vegetarian there wouldn’t be any cows. My animals have a great life with acres of grass and a whole woodland to find cover in. All have characters and interact with us. Mind you we conveniently ignore the plight of calves born to milkers which are dispatched expeditiously now there is no veal trade. There was an alternative to veal crates but the animal activists weren’t interested in listening. Easy for me, I breed Highland Cattle of which the steers have a good long life before they grace the table. The bulls and cows live long and prosper! Swings and roundabouts!

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