Taking the Mikado


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15 Responses to Taking the Mikado

  1. Amanda says:

    Heh heh!

  2. Green Sand says:

    Magic Fen!

    Everything is a source of fun
    Nobody’s safe, for we care for none
    Life is a joke that’s just begun
    Three little maids from school

  3. Josh says:

    Pity it is such a sad and painful subject.

  4. scientificanomaly says:

    Bravo Fen, absolutely brilliant! I laughed long and hard (love that crazy parrot). Keep up the good work, mate 🙂

  5. Luton Ian says:


  6. meltemian says:

    Wonderful stuff Fen’.
    Truly we have turned into Titipu…….”the flowers that bloom in the Spring, Tra-la” have nothing to do with the case! They were actually later than usual here this year, don’t know what that means?

  7. alexjc38 says:

    Great work, Fenbeagle!

    This stem decree, you’ll understand [Climate Change Act, 2008]
    Caused great dismay throughout the land! [Or rather, it should have done!]
    For young and old
    And shy and bold
    Were equally affected.

  8. Anthony Watts says:

    I wish I knew who the three Geisha Guys are, but otherwise this is a ROTFL moment.

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  10. AdrianS says:

    Thanks Fen– another bit of light relief from the relentless Green drivel

  11. NikFromNYC says:

    This works well on so many levels! The Doctor Seussian rhythm holds it together, especially since you did not compromise consistency to try to force too much specific content. The graphics are sophisticated enough to be memorably interesting instead of merely a single glance of witty cuteness which damns most political comic panes to quick obscurity in the minds of viewers who are then onto the next soundbite stimulus. I know this since it happens to me all the time, so when I see a comic pane a second time I realize I liked it but had forgotten it completely. The variations on a theme both of the three characters and of the prose make a much stronger impression than a single pane ever could have.

    After making several purely informative AGW info-graphics which didn’t seem to convince alarmists that basic data didn’t support their claims, I ventured into a more comical presentation, but fear that yet another one-off throw-away bit of wit would lack lasting impact on a self-conscious level I opted for a more edgy and stark vibe rather than a humorous one:

    The idea was to entice viewers to linger long enough with somewhat enticing logical content where the real purpose was in fact to imprint the imagery in their minds. Your work here does that well, I can tell, but also creates a story which lingers in my conscious experiential memory with a strong human element to it. Overall it has the same organizational character as a good pop music song.

    Looking over your other pages, this one strikes me as a notch above the others due to the tight internal variations on a theme rather than a series of witty illustrations to text. Something like that. I’m curious too about how close you are to making comic book quality pages but in a web page format rather than a series of discrete panes. I thinks adjacent or stacked panes with frames can help add impact since web pages are not something people associate with putting themselves in a playful and suggestible mood.

  12. Nick….As with all things, it’s time that is the problem. Unfortunatly I am not anyone’s ‘shill’. So I don’t have the time to give this, that I would like.
    But thank you for you observations which are helpful. You seem to understand the way I am thinking.

  13. Brian H says:

    “NikFromNYC says:
    June 14, 2011 at 8:20 pm

    This works well on so many levels! The Doctor Seussian rhythm”
    We G&S-lovers excoriate your blasphemy, and lay on you the “Big, Big D!”
    For shame.

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