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11 Responses to Huhnatics

  1. Vindfant says:

    Great stuff, Fenbeagle.

    More grist to the mill, as they say.

  2. Fen Hat/tipped you are a total star!
    Expect full credit for when I use this.

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  4. AdrianS says:

    Trouble is , when we are having power cuts because of the reliance on green energy and wind farms, most of these jokers will be elsewhere and not accountable to voters.
    Many will have their noses in the trough, with executive directorships etc, and push off to Bali or Spain in the cold of the winter and let Joe Public suffer whilst they roll around in money. Trouble is Labour, Lib Dems and Consv all have a tendency to do this at present. I dont know what to do ? Take the Beagle down the Pub , sounds like a good idea

  5. John Graham says:

    Look at the recent speech by Huhne at the Scottish Renewables Conference 2011. Then look at and the recent scoping applications for Loch Ness. If you haven’t got access to the speech, I can email it to you. Within two years Tourism in Scotland will be dead! The Industry is worth £11 billion to the Scottish Economy and employs 200,000 people. Is the Wind industry going to provide jobs or compensation to their lost businesses? Three offshore wind farms in Kintyre and Wigton Bay were blocked because of losses to local tourism of £3.4million per year. An unusual situation prompted perhaps by the Scottish elections. A good SNP area. Other, notably Lib-dem area, wind farms in the Tay, Forth and Caithness were approved. These politicians know, they just don’t damn well care. Sorry to sound so serious but the Brahan Seer foretold that a darkness would descend over all of Scotland and the people would leave. He has been pretty spot on so far with his predictions!

    • hi John
      It is all very serious, as you say John. Where are the caring and crusading politicians when you need them?
      Is the world really ready for a Beagle in politics?

      • That I would love to see!! I did suggest an “anti windfarms and send Donald Trump packing” party but when everyone said they would vote for us I suddenly realised that we might end up running the country!

  6. Our Minister of Doom, Chris Huhne, announced on the 4th March that he would introduce a “Capacity Payment” to make sure that the country could meet peaks in demand such as an advert break in Coronation Street. How? If the wind isn’t blowing no amount of cash is going to change that, or can Mr Huhne walk on water. Another pearl of wisdom is the installation of smart meters that will allow energy supply companies to temporarily turn off fridges and freezers in your house to reduce demand. OK, next time you come home from holiday and find the freezer awash we know whom to send the bill, Chris Huhne. I expect that he will be made Minister of Health next to deal with an unexpected outbreak of food poisoning!

    • Well…..Perhaps we are looking at this the wrong way around? If we cannot make the wind blow when its needed. Perhaps we should have peak demands, only when the wind is blowing hard? …….Advert breaks will only be allowed during Gales, for instance.
      The temperature for serving tea and coffee, should be determined by the current wind strength. Etc.

  7. Vindfant says:

    The Buff Hoon has been parroting his usual line on Any Questions (c. 39.30 on the BBC i-Player recording) – a rerun of the misleading guff he came out with in BusinessGreen in October last year.

    In a flustered response to repeated demands from fellow panellists and the audience to say how many turbines there were in Eastleigh, his Hampshire constituency, he was reduced to citing the toy turbine on his roof (no doubt one of the majority of domestic turbines that according to government sponsored reports will never cover the carbon burden of their manufacture) and the 200 year old windmill at Bursledon. Mr Huhne was correct in comparing this as an example of “the same technology”, and just about as useful.

    In an article on their new Wind Power Gallery the Wimbledon Windmill Museum website notes:

    ‘The new Wind Power gallery is devoted to modern uses of windpower and brings the museum exhibits up to date. The windmill models in the museum are made to a scale of 1:50, and most are 30 – 50 cm high, but the new wind turbine model to the same scale stands 3m high and part of the ceiling has been cut away to accommodate it.

    ‘The new display is not intended to suggest that the museum trustees are unequivocal supporters of wind power; it illustrates both the advantages and disadvantages of this apparently free source of power. Although the wind is free, it is fickle and does not always blow when it is needed. The museum has for many years featured a model of a watermill, with the caption, “No one has ever built a windmill if he could build a watermill.” Water has always been considered a better source of power; it is there every day, it flows in the same direction, its speed can be controlled and it can be stored until it is needed. These criteria do not apply to wind’ .
    (Museum website).

    • fenbeagle says:

      “Windfarms are ugly, expensive, ineffective, unreliable and one of the greatest cons of modern times” From Nigel Farage…… And the audience cheer.

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