Indiana Jones in search of the Bark of the Covenant

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Just a small bog dog scent hound
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7 Responses to Indiana Jones in search of the Bark of the Covenant

  1. manonthemoor says:

    Superb Fen — Your excellent graphics and cutting prose is a delight to start the week.

    Thank you


  2. Blackswan says:

    G’day Fen

    No fair dinkum Aussie budgerigar would treat a beagle pup so disrespectfully – especially in such a smart hat. It must be some sort of avian mutant.

    Indiana Bones remains our hero in his intrepid fight against the forces of inexplicable Hoo Stick Folly, and what a valiant little crusader he is.

  3. AdrianS says:

    The greens are barking mad to beleive wind power can save us. They will be the first to moan when the power goes off mid winter. Another enjoyable Tail.
    Can we have a cartoon with Mad Muller Millband and Crazy Hoo Stick Huhne being chased by a pack of Beagles, oops better not they will be screaming Hate speach and for more restrictions on dogs!

  4. Vindfant says:

    It is very noticeable that the Hoon does not seem to be a very vocal advocate for hoo sticks on his own patch (might endanger his small majority).

    Don’t know whether the Fenbeagle saw the article ‘Huhne hints at revival for onshore wind farms’ (James Murray, BusinessGreen, 22 Oct 2010). This contained such pearls of wisdom as, “If we like windmills, why not wind turbines”. Sometimes the man is almost beyond satire.

    Anyway, it is worth noting that The Hoon is speaking from a county that, according to DECC’s RESTATS database and the press, has no large wind turbines. The Hampshire Chronicle reported last September that, “Planners have approved what are believed to be the biggest wind turbines in Hampshire … councillors backed the scheme for three 25-metre turbines… [our emphasis]” (‘Tallest wind turbines approved for Winchester countryside’, 22 September 2010).

    He and Hendry represent constituencies in counties with some of the worst figures in the country for renewables in general. This should be loudly mentioned every time they start lecturing us on NIMBYism.

    • That’s very interesting Vindfant thankyou. Fenbeagle had missed all that.
      ….25 metres? …..Call that a Hoo stick!
      I think we will have to have a Hoo stick olympics at some stage, and compare measurements.

  5. meltemian says:

    I’m in a panic about this! It’s where I used to live – I ran a business just outside Wareham. Beautiful coastline, not sure how the Hoo-Sticks will react to the firing from Lulworth Army Ranges though – they could collect a few holes!

  6. Keitho says:

    Fen, you are the beans. I just got the link from Breitbart. Keep that man spread going buddy.

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