Recycled advice

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  1. PMSL

    why no tweet button?

    • hi Tory
      I barely know what a tweet is. Whats a ‘tweet button?’

      • Twitter is very useful for spreading the message and getting more hits on your blog. everytime I post a new blog post it’s automatically tweeted.
        You should give it a try.

        Still hoping for an Attila the Huhnatic cartoon, which I will shamelessly use repeatedly while giving you full credit.

  2. fujirobin says:

    What’s this Hayes and McKenzie thing about then?

  3. msher says:

    Hi fen:

    I remember this written material. Makes for wonderful illustration, Fabulous as always.

  4. AdrianS says:

    When we had the reent really cold snap ( Dec 2010) they were having to put energy in to some turbines to keep them warm so they would run correctly.
    Trouble is wind power is very expensive. If we really want to be low carbon , we should probably follow the French and go nuclear. I think we have a goverment of fools, but I’m not sure when sanity will return. I think there may be a slight man made global warming effect, but it really isnt worth worrying about. Usually what gets you isnt what your worried about– take for example the Banking fiasco, no warning, the goverment worried about everything but the banks and bam! were in the sh*t. I think they need to be far more worried about a large asteriod strike, this really could do some harm or wipe out a significant proportion of human life in an instant. Off course this gets no real worries because it isnt a ” Hair Shirt” worry!

    • Adrian
      I don’t know what will ‘get us’ But I’m sure that wind follies will not ‘save us’.

      ..Talking about ‘futile worries’. I remember looking through a ‘Janes fighting ships of the second world war’ once. (I should get out more)…And I read the details of a Japanese warship, built before the war. It was recalled for a refit, when war broke out, and had a great many anti aircraft guns fitted. (They were obviously concerned about the new proven technology of air attack)
      A few months later it was recalled yet again, for yet more anti aircraft guns. And then the following year it was recalled for a great many more anti aircraft guns (I had a visual image of this ship looking like a hedgehog with guns pointed skyward in every direction, in danger of sinking under its own weight)

      ….And the final entry, it was sunk by a submarine.

      • AdrianS says:

        That sounds about right , plan for he risk of air attack and get hit by a submarine.
        Even more recently if , in June 2010 you said plan for a snow covered Britain on the 1st December 2010 with severe temps, you would have been laughed at– but I dont need to say it happened , do I?
        Mother Nature always is one step ahead, like you need to be with an errant Beagle!

  5. Blackswan says:

    G’day Fen

    Not just recycling, perhaps ‘reminding’ us of our folly. Terrific – thanks.

  6. meltemian says:

    Hi Fen’
    I’m a bit worried about getting the tyres to fit around my waist! Can you suggest a method of getting them on and keeping them there – I’m not good at getting my front hooves beside my ears, I find I keep falling over!

  7. meltemanian
    Step into them backwards, and pull them up to the waist in the manner of a ballerinas tutu. (You may need some assistance with that, (including the use of tyre levers.)
    Whatever you do, avoid jumping over obstacles, while wearing them, as you could get stuck midway, with your feet suspended off the ground. Although it should be possible to roll you off again sideways.
    In fact it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘putting the cart before the horse’. as it would become possible for the cart to be the horse.

  8. DirkH says:

    Hi Fenbeagle, you’re a gifted artist.
    Wanna have some fun with Mont-Saint-Michel?,1518,744555,00.html

    • hi Dirk
      I very nearly bought a house in Brittany, not far from Mont St Michael (many years ago). The world would have to be upside down, if the beauty of that area was under threat, for what little value can be derived from the ‘Hoo stick’ wind follies.

  9. Vindfant says:

    Brilliant as ever, Fen.

    Keep up the good work.

    Would it be OK to use one or two of your cartoons on the Safety and Noise pages of the Windbyte website, with proper attribution and a link to your blog?

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