Dark Blader makes an unexpected visit

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Just a small bog dog scent hound
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8 Responses to Dark Blader makes an unexpected visit

  1. alexjc38 says:

    Nice work, Fenbeagle – let’s hope that Huhne Solo doesn’t end up being put into carbon-freeze!

    (Mind you, though, he’s planning to put us all into carbon-freeze first!)

    By the way, who’s the Emperor? He looks a bit like Roger Harrabin (?)

  2. David C says:

    Great work Fenbeagle – I love your stuff.
    Incidentally it’s not easy to get to your blog from Google, I eventually got here via your comment on Bishop Hill. I tried before when Dellers republished a drawing without a URL, but failed.

  3. AdrianS says:

    Yeah I found it a bit difficult to find your blog. I got here from James Delingpole.
    Love those cartoons, and its another nice challenge to the pro AGW supporters who wish to paint skeptics as to put it mildy “awful people”. But every picture tells a story and they may find it hard to rubbish your beautifully drawn cartoons, which are so poignant.
    When you going to do some Fen Beagle Tshirts? I love the Pirate Beagle and Cat dancing! Common you Jolly Rodgers!

    • Cheers Adrian. I’m going to look at costing up some Fen Beagle T shirts. And will advertise them if it’s worthwhile.
      …..This Blog has only been running for 8 days, so links didn’t work before that.

  4. AdrianS says:

    Remember the “Big Dogs” T shirts in the states are very popular, and your cartoons are so much nicer

  5. fujirobin says:

    sorry to be pedantic, but try a spell-checker !

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