Catastrophe below the waterline

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5 Responses to Catastrophe below the waterline

  1. BBD says:


    Even the cost of replacing a coffee-damaged keyboard is as nothing.


  2. BBD says:


    What happened to Andrea Leadsom’s brain? Can anything be done to help her? One’s heart goes out to the family, really.

    • Vindfant says:

      Hey, be fair guys.

      Andrea Leadsom is about as far onside as it is possible to be while still tugging ones parliamentary forelock to party policy on ‘a mixed energy portfolio’ (or whatever they are calling it this week).

      Her 100MW comment was in the context of the threshold for Section 36 applications for turbine arrays (currently 50MW) these are currently decided by an apparatchik from the planning inspectorate, making obeisance to the great god PPS22, or by a minister of HMG. Raising the threshold to 100MW would make efforts to sideline local decision making less likely.

      • hi Vindfant
        Yes. I am aware of this issue. This has much relevance here on the Fens. Developments are being proposed using larger 3MW in order to claim 52MW capacities overall, and bypass local planning laws. Upping the requirement to 100MW would do much to defeat these unfair tactics that are causing concern.

        Well done Andrea Leadsom……..Although this small dog is not very house trained, so forelock tugging is harder to agree with.

  3. AdrianS says:

    Trouble is what happens when a winter high pressure decends of the UK?. Nice bright cold sunshine, little wind.
    Wheres the juice going to come form then?

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