Prince Charles on London

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3 Responses to Prince Charles on London

  1. Nigel Cook says:

    The final nail in the coffin of Prince Charles’s expertise as a leading climate endorser:

    Click to access the-saturated-greenhouse-effect-theory-of-ferenc-miskolczi.pdf

    For background info on how H2O cloud cover feedback cancelling CO2 variations on temperature has been faked in IPCC NASA “peer”-review bigotry, see


    (1) increased cloud cover doesn’t warm the earth. True, cloud cover prevents rapid cooling at night. But it also reduces the sunlight energy received in the day, which is the source of the heat emitted during the night. Increase cloud cover, and the overall effect is a cooling of air at low altitudes.

    (2) rainfall doesn’t carry latent heat down to be released at sea level. The latent heat of evaporation is released in rain as soon as the droplets condense from vapour, at high altitudes in clouds. Air drag rapidly cools the drops as they fall, so the heat is left at high altitudes in clouds, and the only energy you get when the raindrops land is the kinetic energy (from their trivial gravitational potential energy).

    Obfuscation of the fact that hot moist air rises and condenses to form clouds from oceans that cover 70% of the earth (UNLIKE any “greenhouse!!!!) caused this whole mess. IPCC models falsely assume that H2O vapour doesn’t rise and condense into clouds high above the ground: they assume hot air doesn’t rise! That’s why they get the vital (FALSE) conclusion that H2O vapour doubles (amplifies) projected temperature rises from CO2, instead of cancelling them out! Their models are plain wrong.

  2. Blackswan says:

    Fen – Terrific take on Charlie Chuckles and his nonsense. When I first read his comments last year about making “fashionable bags out of old curtains – something I’m doing myself”, I nearly choked and figured such twaddle would discount any further comment that dribbled from the gormless wonder. No such luck – seems an accident of birth renders any fool a teflon-clad existence.

  3. Blackswan says:

    Hello Nigel,
    Some good links there – I think we have all drawn the inescapable conclusion that Science has very little to do with Climate Fraud. It’s all about Money and Politics. Dumping mega-bucks of Taxpayer Funding into ‘climate research’ simply justifies a political imperative to Tax and Control a gullible public.

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