At the end of the pier

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Just a small bog dog scent hound
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12 Responses to At the end of the pier

  1. macksflophouse says:

    good ‘un Fen

  2. colliemum says:

    Nice one, fenbeagle!

    I saw your link at the Bishop’s site and came over to check it out.


  3. AdrianS says:

    Absolutely love your cartoons, so beautifully draw, I could look at them for hours and I’m not an artist.
    They are all in line with my thinking as well ( no doubt soon to be outlawed)
    cheers Adrian

  4. Chilwind says:

    Great stuff Fen. So glad you have your own place now. I shall recommend that everybody visits.

  5. Isabelle says:

    Dear fenbeagle

    Came to you via Bishop Hill. What wonderful drawings and stories. You are now in my favourites! Keep it up.

  6. scientificanomaly says:

    Hi fen

    LOL! Very picture-postcard Edwardian with the boater, whiskers and stripy one-piece bathing suit.

    I also really liked Caroline Lucas as the Green Queen of Hearts in your last blog. The look suited her and I thought it was a good likeness.

    Keep ’em coming mate.

  7. Iren says:

    Love your drawings. No wonder Delingpole features them. I hope they get even more exposure.

  8. Jonas N says:

    Shouldn’t it read:

    At the end of the peer ?

  9. John Graham says:

    Love the artwork. We are having a march against wind farms at Edinburgh on the 16th March. We could really do with some t shirts to promote our views but all the avialable graphics of turbines are a bit gentle, not like the 500ft monsters that we are faced with, We would love someone to create one for us WITH ATTITUDE. You know one with studs in its blades and chains. A really GROSS wind turbine. A noisy anti-Social Turbine with an ASBO. Any ideas?

    • hi John
      Sorry just got back from being abducted to the Bermuda triangle. Would love to have helped you out, but I guess it’s too late now. Best of luck with the march though!….Lovely countryside around Edinburgh

      • John Graham says:

        Nothing like a bit of ambition, March starts at Scot Monuement and ends at The Parliament itself. Should be a good turnout. Lots of interest from all over Europe and we may even have an MSP or two. Don’t suppose Mr Less of a Salmon, more of a Pyke, will come out to meet us at the end.
        All welcome.

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