Carols and a Chorus


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Just a small bog dog scent hound
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9 Responses to Carols and a Chorus

  1. Blackswan says:

    Always good to see the wee beagle doing his thing…..LOL

    The Green Queen is fantastic – funny, she has that effect on my stomach – nausea at the thought of war-time rationing to save the Planet. Ridiculous wench.

  2. NoIdea says:

    Fen thank you for yet another brilliant picture, I personally found the resemblance between the green queen and the Mekon (Dan Dare’s nemesis from Eagle comics) to be somewhat startling.

    Was the Dan Dare comic strip a message to the future?
    Beware the big headed green menace!


  3. meltemian says:

    Nice one Fen’ – now who else can we cast? John Prescott as Digby? Who do you reckon for Sondar??

  4. AdrianS says:

    Nice one Fen. I guess you probably have a Beagle? Your cartoons of the Beagle are so good. I used to have Bassett Hounds which are similar in temprement to Beagles— Fuc*in stubborn.

    • Adrian
      Of course Fen Beagle exists! …..Although he recieves some help from his automatic tin opener (It’s the opposable thumb problem)….. It’s true to say he is a little stubborn.

  5. sHx says:

    I like that one-eyed Grim Reaper holding a wind turbine for a scythe. I can imagine a host of them would prove useful. 🙂

  6. Edward says:

    FEN, takes the biscuit……………..again.

    Johnny Prescott hero of the working class………………….eco warrior; “I was at err in…er….that island near Korea or summat and signed up to global world government!” God!… and croquet adept and!!…. home in time for tea and lots of crumpet!!
    [But where’s Pauline?]

    A peerless dolt.

    Good stuff, K9 intelligence.

  7. Dr. Brian O'Mahoney says:

    Fen, Excellent as ever and keep up the good work. best Regards Brian

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