Hello world


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Just a small bog dog scent hound
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9 Responses to Hello world

  1. macksflophouse says:

    great stuff

  2. Thanks for your help setting this up Mack. I appreciate it

  3. Blackswan says:

    It’s a bloody ripper Fen………

    …….and about time too. You and the pup have been so generous to others in recent times, it’s wonderful to see this brilliant showcase of your own.

    Congratulations. (love the paw-print too) The very of good wishes for your future success.

  4. Blackswan says:

    *make that the very BEST of good wishes….lol

  5. msher says:


    You’re astonishing. Do you draw all of this freehand every time from scratch, or do you have some sort of catalogue of images you can use? I’m just thinking it would take weeks or days to do all of this every time.

    You are a seriously very great talent.

  6. Bill Sticker says:

    Love your stuff, Fen. Rhyme and reason.

  7. cementafriend says:

    Great cartoons, ridicule was the idea behind the Punch and Judy show, it does get results eventually.

  8. Gypsey says:

    Hi Fen,

    Looking forward to seeing some great cartoons and plenty of witty comments. I agree with Msher – your cartoons are second to none.

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